Fresh & Local

At the Russelltown Inn we have a simple philosophy about food. Keep it fresh and tasty every day. That's why we work with local producers to offer you the best. We are pleased to offer a breakfast menu developed by Chef Katie Hayes of the Bonavista Social Club. Chef Hayes not only loves cooking with fresh locally produced ingredients but has developed a breakfast menu for Russelltown Inn inspired by the same.

We are proud to prepare breakfast with ingredients from these fine folks:

Bonavista Social Club
The Bonavista Social Club is a food production outlet located in the small community of Upper Amherst Cove on the Bonavista Peninsula. Owned and operated by Katie and Shane Hayes, the Bonavista Social Club harnesses the established farm gardens, animal husbandry and self sufficient lifestyle presently at work in Upper Amherst Cove, to provide a truly unique experience of rural Newfoundland. Home of the only commercial wood-fired bread oven in Newfoundland. Fresh breads are delivered daily to Russelltown Inn.

Glady's Jams 
These jams contain no preservatives and are made from recipes dating back to the mid 1800’s. All of Glady's jams are made from wild berries, handpicked near the coastline in the Bonavista area.

Bonavista Coffee Company
Local. Ethical. Quality Driven. The Bonavista Coffee Company offers you the highest quality artisan, direct trade organic coffee. This means travelling to coffee producing countries, meeting with farmers and paying higher prices for good farming practices and better quality coffee. Their priorities are to support small farms, women producers, farms that pay their pickers fairly and those farms that participate in organic and permaculture practices. Jon Howse and his partner Sylvie Mitford, are also the owners of The Boreal Diner, a popular restaurant on Church Street in historic Bonavista.

Local Free-Range Eggs from Bonavista farmers
fresh organic-fed from local farmers.

**Breakfast included with your stay.
***Gluten free options available upon request. Please inform your server upon check-in.