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Local Guide


  • Boreal good

The Boreal Diner

Serving family – style food, proudly featuring local produce, seafood, Newfoundland-raised meat, and wild plants and berries. The Diner is also true to its name and has a full menu of single origins coffees, espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes. 

61 Church St., Bonavista, NL
0.24 mi from property


  • IMG_5072 (1)

Sweet Rock Ice Cream Shop

Sweet Rock is pleased to offer homemade ice cream using local ingredients and of course homemade sweets from their sister store, Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate. Milkshakes, ice cream deserts, gourmet hot chocolate and assorted chocolates also available.

102 Church St., Box 1525, Bonavista, NL 
0.41 mi from property


  • Neil

Neil’s Yard

Neil’s Yard is a café, creperie and gallery shop located at the Mockbeggar Plantation Provincial Historic Site. They serve homemade soups, Breton-style crêpes, cheesecake and pastries made with local fruits.

Mockbeggar Road, Bonavista, NL 
0.47 mi from property


  • social club (1)

Bonavista Social Club

The Bonavista Social Club harnesses the established farm gardens, animal husbandry and self-sufficient lifestyle presently at work in Upper Amherst Cove, to provide a truly unique experience of rural Newfoundland. 

Upper Amherst , NL
8.55 mi from property



  • eastglow 2

East Coast Glow

East Coast Glow produce handcrafted soap using the slow cold process method. This means no external heat is used so the goodness of the natural ingredients are preserved. 

83 Church Street, Bonavista NL
0.49 from property


  • tree line 2

Tree Line Fine Art & Craft

This craft retail shop and studio focuses on showcasing the finest emerging craftspeople from around the Province. The space is also used as a weaving studio and crafts are produced on site.

102 Cape Shore Rd, Bonavista, NL
0.40 mi from property


  • Books 2

Broken Books

This coffee bar bookshop will be located on the second floor of Boreal Diner. Broken Books is an independent book store offers a wonderful selection of reading for all ages.

61 Church Street, Bonavista, NL
0.24 mi from property



  • Garrick 2

The Garrick Theatre

The Garrick is a multi-use cultural facility located in the heart of Bonavista. The Garrick boasts theatre seating for 200, full digital cinema, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and exceptional acoustics.

16-20 Church Street, Bonavista, NL
0.2 miles from property


  • Ryan

Ryan Premises National Site

A salty scent lingers within the cluster of white, 19th century clapboard buildings of the Ryan Premises, perched on the shore of Bonavista’s historic and picturesque harbour. 

10 Ryans Hill Rd, Bonavista, NL
0.34 mi from property


  • Sealer

Sealer Memorial

The spring of 2014 marked 100 years since 251 of our province's fathers, sons and husbands were lost in two separate sealing disasters. Let us now remember the cry of our fallen sealers.

Elliston, NL
4.8 miles from property


  • Dungeon 2

Dungeon Provincial Park

A collapsed sea cave with a natural archway carved out by sea action is the focus of this site.

Cape Shore Road, Bonavista, NL
1.9 miles from property


  • Puffin site 2

Bonavista Puffin Site

Cape Bonavista is the perfect location to view puffins and whales. Explore the beautiful area!

Cape Shore Road, Bonavista, NL
3.9 miles from property


  • Elliston

Elliston Puffin Site

A short walk from Maberly Road, you will find a breeding colony of Atlantic Puffins. 

Maberly Road, Elliston, NL
5.9 miles from property


  • Cape

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

The lighthouse, which operated from 1843 until 1962, is now a provincial museum, containing an exhibition about life in a lighthouse during the 1870s.

505 Cape Shore Rd, CAPE 
3.58 mi from property


  • planation

Mockbeggar Planation

The former residence of politician and Confederation advocate F. Gordon Bradley. Today, this site tells the story of life in Newfoundland in the 1930s.

Roper St, Bonavista, NL 
0.45 mi from property


  • MatthewBuilding3

Matthew Legacy

A 15th-century replica of John Cabot's ship The Matthew, which Cabot sailed into Bonavista. This  replica of the ship was built in 1997 to recreate Cabot's voyage.

Roper St, Bonavista, NL 
0.2 mi from property


  • John

John C. Crosbie Sealers Interpretation Centre

This unique facility features a striking Museum and Art Gallery and a powerful seaside Memorial Statue and Monument. 

Main St, Elliston, NL A0C 1N0, Canada
3.45 mi from property


  • DSC_3504 %281%29

Bonavista Museum

An extensive collection of artifacts from the local area tells the story of traditional life in one of Newfoundland's oldest and largest inshore fishing communities.

10 Ryan’s Hill Road, Bonavista, NL
0.34 mi from property


Hiking & Tours

  • discovery

Tuckamore Discoveries

A nature-based tourism operated by Jonathan Joy, a local biologist and educator. The location of Tuckamore Discoveries is ideal for interpretive hiking. There is a number of excellent trails in the area. 

Dwyer Street, Bonavista, NL
0.23 mi from property


  • Cape Shore 2

Cape Shore Trail

Easy Moderate – 7 km return coastal trail featuring rugged coastline, whales, icebergs, puffins, as well as historic Green Island where many battles were waged between the French and the English fighting for fishing rights.

Cape Shore Road, Bonavista, NL 
1.94 mi from property


  • Murphy

Murphy's Cove-Lodge's Pond Trail

This is a 7.7 km coastal loop that’s rated moderate and features several headlands with magnificent ocean views. At the halfway point is the Green Island Lighthouse, built in 1857 and one of the few remaining staffed lighthouses in the province.

Port Union, NL
11.8 Miles from property


  • Skerwink

Skerwink Trail

Skerwink Trail is the hiking Jewel of the region. It is internationally recognized and was ranked the top 35 trails in North America and Europe by Travel & Leisure Magazine (2003). This 5.3 km hike will provide the opportunity to view and photograph the coastal scenery.

28.5 miles from property
Port Rexton, NL


  • moimeme

Klondike Trail

5 km easy to moderate trail from Elliston North to Spillar's Cove follows an old railway branch line that connected the towns. The trail follows spectacular coastal scenery while providing ample opportunities to view seabirds and a variety of animal life.

Elliston North to Spillar's Cove, Route 238 , Elliston, NL
4.5 miles from property